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What is Solar?

Photovoltaic (Solar Power, or PV) can literally be translated as ‘Light-Electricity’, and that’s exactly what is it.  Photovoltaic solar panels absorb up photons from the sun and convert them into an electrical charge.

Can I use PV to power my home or business?

Yes! Photovoltaic panels provide enough power to provide all of your household’s electrical systems, this includes all Heat pumps, lighting, and appliances.

What size will I need?

PV system sizes begin at 1.5KW – this produces about 2100kw per year, that’s one quarter of the average households yearly energy used!

How is it installed?

PV systems are usually mounted on the roof of your business or home, as you want it to be exposed to as much sunlight as possible to use it to its full potential. It is possible to install the photovoltaic system yourself, however we recommend that you have the PV installed by a professional to avoid injuries, damage to the system, and/or any complications.

PV systems can also be dismantled and moved to a new location if desired for your convenience.

Why go Solar?

Save money!

By having a PV system installed and connected to the main grid you can heavily supplement your current electrical bill.  PV systems are designed to fit your personal electrical requirements and finances, meaning more money in your pocket!

Get paid for power you produce!

Electrical suppliers in New Zealand all offer credit of some form for excess energy produced by your solar panels.  Excess energy is automatically exported back into the main electrical grid, so when your PV produces too much energy, YOU get paid for it!

Protection against fluctuation in power costs!

Over the last ten years, we have seen an increase of about 5% per year on residential properties.  You can protect yourself against any future increases in price, as you will only be paying a portion of your electrical usage.

Will a PV system affect the value of my property?

Yes, recent studies have shown that residential properties with a PV system have a higher resale rate, and also sell twice as fast as properties that don’t.  This is because of the always increasing interest and growing knowledge of sustainable living.

Is there any maintenance?

There is almost no maintenance require unless you feel that it needs a clean, or to ensure trees don’t shade your panels. 

Majority of PV panels come with a 25 year warranty and are guaranteed to produce at least 80% of your homes power during this time.

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